Sadness isn’t beautiful.

I’m sorry for not being able to romanticise sadness. I cannot, do not find beauty in sadness. Sadness is enigmatic, sure. But not beautiful. Certainly not beautiful. I’d rather spend my entire time in chasing slippery happiness than to forever dwell in a paralyzing despair. It’s not my fault for not having been taught swimming before, and if I dive in now? I’m scared I’ll drown. So when I hear my demons calling, I turn deaf.
I’m sorry that I’m not courageous. I was not born a fighter, and I don’t like the idea of growing up into one. I’d choose to be home in peace over playing brave in a war zone – any time, any day.
I’m sorry for I keep talking in a language you don’t get. It’s a habit I don’t seem to be losing. But, I guess it’s also okay. Because, I don’t expect to be understood when I don’t understand it myself, anyway.

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133 thoughts on “Sadness isn’t beautiful.

    1. But to be able to understand oneself, isn’t that the hardest of all, Josh?
      Thank you so much! You are right life is nothing but a rollercoaster ride.
      You have a great day too! 😊

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      1. What i meant is there is no point is explaining others .. about what we are going through.. those who understands never ask..and those who ask never understand.

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    1. I totally feel the same way. Then, we all go through ups and downs. Some are able to deal with lows particularly well. Me? Uh no. I better not start.
      I feel we can just wait for the negativity to pass. Because it sure does pass, always.

      Thank you so much Abhishek for sharing your thoughts! 🎈

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  1. We all learn to fight our demons in our own ways. Some may learn soon, some may later.
    But we all do.
    Till then we can have a hope ✨

    Good one Sana 😇

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  2. Life is not fair until we perceive it differently. After sadness comes happiness you will never feel the joy of happiness, if you are always happy. Life has ups and down….
    A famous person told that we are alive because in ECG the wave pattern goes up and down….
    But I do like Sad Songs and Poems…

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      1. Okay eleven eleven, today I will again take a break from blogging till Christmas vacations. Hope you write well till then and be motivated….


      1. This is a quote… But we should accept the fact that sad things comes in everyone’s life… You aren’t alone. The rich or poor nobody can be happy forever…


  3. Good one. Good and bad moments keep coming as life is such. No one likes to be sad but it’s a part of life. I would like to share an extract from my own poem which is as follows:
    ” Life is full of twists and turns.
    Sometimes it earns, sometimes it burns.”

    So don’t get scared or unhappy of sad moments as it will also pass someday for sure. Good writing as always. 👍👍😊

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    1. Yes, true. We should accept both all the phases of life. But then, we need not necessarily like them right?

      Hey! That sounds like a great poem. I’d definitely want to read the whole.

      Thank you so much Ashish! 😊

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      1. Yes you may not necessarily like them but the reality is life has offered you that which you have to accept either willingly or unwillingly. You have to manage and turn them to good. Life is never problem free. You know when you are able to tackle problems, you become more stronger and more experienced which ultimately helps you in decision making.
        It’s my pleasure to read your post. 😊As far as my poem is concerned you can read the full one here.

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  4. I understand your point of view, but think about it…

    Sadness is intimately linked to one of the strongest emotions there is ..


    If you are not sad Because of something, what will you hope for?

    sad, separated lovers hope to find their better half.
    Sad poverty stricken kids, hope for a better future where they don’t go to bed hungry.

    When I feel sad at not having anyone to talk to, I hope for a future, where someone s listening.

    So isn’t sadness a teeny weeny bit romantic?

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    1. It’s good that you are able to hope when you feel down, Tanishq. Trust me it’s really good to feel something.
      Sadness can be romantic for a person who manages to have hope.

      But what if somehow these emotions make you so numb that you don’t even know what to feel anymore, let alone have hope. I just don’t like this slump maybe because I feel sad for the things I can do nothing about. So I say, why let sadness stay when you can go after happiness? That’s what I feel for now, I maybe a bit or completely wrong for all I know.

      You should reach out to someone Tanishq. Keeping everything in for long won’t help you in long run.(I speak from personal experience).

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      1. Hmm..true, sadness if allowed to overwhelm is truly harmfull. sadness is truly a transition state to happiness, people would like to go after happiness, but sometimes the path itself is through morose forests.

        You don’t need to be right, and I even believe, this shit is beyond right or wrong. ..I mean, the level of understanding of yourself, you would need to have to say right or wrong, is currently beyond us…

        What we ,as fellow random human beings filled with tons of emotions can do , is just to share those emotions, and strive to create a balance between them

        You’re right… that’s why I try to reach out to loads of people through my posts…as do you … it almost feels like the other person who’s commented is a minute way… doesn’t it?

        I’ve joined a website called 7cups, which helps people battle anxiety and depression, by talking to listeners..
        I was selected as a listener, and the process of talking to people who need a ray of hope in their lives, is overwhelming… It satisfies my need to talk, and if I’m able to help someone as a plus, isn’t that great!….

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      2. Yes, you are right. Happiness sometimes can only be achieved after we accept the sadness fully. I may be able to do that some day. 🙂
        Yes, all we can do is share. That’s exactly why WordPress has started to feel like home. I don’t have to pretend to be strong, here. And I’ve also found some amazing people like you here which is absolutely great!

        Ooh! That sounds like a good initiative. Because not everyone can go to a therapist. In cases like those online websites seem like a great alternative. I’m happy to hear you say that. It feels so amazing to be able to bring a change in somebody’s life for better. 🙂

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    1. I agree with you. But what about the times when we’re too tired to hope for anything? But I guess we always have that annoying little hope secretly. . Even when we say we don’t.

      (I’m rambling now half asleep)

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      1. Oh yes. That annoying hope manages to stay there under layers of frustration and heartbreaks. May be that’s what keeps us afloat.

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  5. You don’t have to be a fighter but when the right moment comes, the right person comes, the right feeling comes, you will be surprised to see how well you can fight. Trust me on this one.

    Well written though! Loved it! Cheers!

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      1. It’s alright not to know much. We are humans. Our life is a long journey with lessons at each step. You’ll be surprised to realize how much you know when you look back at the your journey so far.

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    1. Some of the comments get into spam folder for idk what reason. Yes you are so right, we need courage and patience in this life. Both of which are too hard to cultivate.
      Thank you so much for stopping by.

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  6. I think you’ve managed to express these sentiments well and simply. Edmund Burke explain the difference between what is beautiful vs. what is sublime in his book A Philosophical Enquiry into Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful in the mid 1750s. I feel that sadness is sublime in that it can be born from pain. Beautiful things are what bring us much pleasure.

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    1. Hello Sa! I think what I wanted to tell here was that I cannot do it. Like I cannot write a poem or anything about sadness. I wouldn’t want to use big words and glorify it. And in that sense this came out pretty much straightforwardly.

      Ooh I’ll Google it up. Actually. Because I don’t know emotions just confuse me so much, some times. Yes, you are right. Although I would associate beautiful with comfort more. But that I guess is a personal choice of what gives us pleasure. 😊

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  7. Hello Sana! I hope you’ve been well! Yes, I wondered how to approach topics that may have cause sadness, anxiety, or temporary depression which is a part of life. It’s not really something I can articulate well nor do I like to focus on it often yet it’s a piece of me that’s allowed me to be compassionate with those who are suffering.

    Before I forget, here was my post on my happiness at certain times in my life:

    Lucky for you it was question #1, so you don’t have to read everything 😉 , but the rest of my post is fairly fun. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend!

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    1. Exams are coming up and I’m still confused how does time fly so fast. I’m doing good. Thank you. 🙂 Hope you’re doing great too.

      I’ll definitely check it out now. Hahaha I’m pretty sure all your new posts are amazing reads. Will catch up with them soon. 😉

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  8. This was quite a thought-provoking read for me, considering the fact that the only author I’ve ever worshipped is Poe 😁 But I’d like to say that your standpoint on what you believe in is truly commendable👏 I appreciate the way you’ve come out with your viewpoint despite what others might say. In fact, this shows how strong you can be. As for sadness, well I’ve always tackled pain like a challenge. I don’t think I’d ever have learnt to appreciate happiness without living the lows of life. To me, the end of sadness has always birthed the brightest morning there can be. Everything is beautiful because nothing lasts forever; neither sadness nor joy.

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    1. Hey! Thank you so much Nameera! 😀 I can’t explain how truly grateful I am for your kind words. I don’t know if I’m strong or not. But I guess nobody ever does. That’s a pleasant way to look at things. Yes, everything is temporary. Which is both scary and amazing.


  9. Love this. You basically summed up Anne Frank’s thoughts in her diary, so bravo 👏 .

    I completely agree.. sadness isn’t beautiful at all. Sadness is a part of life though and once a person accepts that, sadness never really stays for too long, you know? It depends on how a person chooses to define sadness. Perspective matters. But I get you, it’s so hard to not project happiness even when you’re sad. But I’ve found the healthiest thing I’ve ever done to myself is to accept my feelings, when I do, I normalise it and eventually I feel better. I had a friend who, when something seriously bad happened, would cry, and cry a lot, and once she was done crying, she was happy again, so visibly happy, and I thought to myself… she is dope. Because she knows emotions are fleeting and she has to feel sadness to let go of the sadness. It’s a tricky thing to navigate, but once you engrave in your mind that sadness is fleeting, you will swim deep into the currents while remembering that you will emerge again. I’m not sure I’m making sense, but I think you’ll be able to make sense of this rambling.

    Great post as always! 🙂

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    1. I really wish I could do it you know? Accept the sadness and let go of it once and for all. But some lessons we learn easily and some are learnt the hard way. Hahah! I just got The Diary of a Young Girl delivered to me yesterday. Will start reading it soon probably.

      You don’t know how much sense you made. It’s the trickiest of all I guess. Because I know these things but I’m still not ready to face the parts I’m afraid of. So I’ll be trying and holding on to the hope that one day I’ll be able to let it all go. Thank you so much for rambling, it made all the sense in the world to me 🙂

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      1. You know what… I changed my mind. Continue being happy, otherwise it freaking hurts. It’s okay to be sad once in a while, but if you have it in you to move past the sadness once it’s been experienced (I mean sadness is a feeling after all, it’s not you), push forward and I’m glad to see you’ve been able to do that. I hope you enjoy it, I think you will like Anne a lot!


  10. This is too deep yet I completely understood what you meant here. It’s just that, as much as I wouldn’t want to dwell on sadness, I can’t help it. It’s always there following me. 😔

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    1. Hey! We are all trying to let go off sadness. And I understand sadness is persistent. When you feel like you have started to feel better, it seeps right inside you. It’s demonic that way.

      But let’s keep trying okay? Let’s hold on to the hope that one day we’ll be able to throw it away.


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