Two Lunatics, One City

Is this the day when I'll be free? Depends on you Miss, do you want it to be? Oh yes, please. Absolutely! Tell me what would you like to see first? Where do you want to go? Anywhere. Anywhere. I am tired of watching the world from my broken window. I'm afraid we don't have … Continue reading Two Lunatics, One City


Honeysuckle, Bubblegum?

Oh! Honeysuckle? Bubblegum. Huckleberry. Is life throwing lemons at you? Do you need a blanket to sleep? A cozy book or a bar of chocolate maybe? I know how you must be feeling. Or maybe not. I don't know what you are feeling. And how would I? Who are you to me anyway. I don't … Continue reading Honeysuckle, Bubblegum?