Honeysuckle, Bubblegum?

Oh! Honeysuckle? Bubblegum. Huckleberry. Is life throwing lemons at you? Do you need a blanket to sleep? A cozy book or a bar of chocolate maybe? I know how you must be feeling. Or maybe not. I don't know what you are feeling. And how would I? Who are you to me anyway. I don't … Continue reading Honeysuckle, Bubblegum?


Sadness isn’t beautiful.

I'm sorry for not being able to romanticise sadness. I cannot, do not find beauty in sadness. Sadness is enigmatic, sure. But not beautiful. Certainly not beautiful. I'd rather spend my entire time in chasing slippery happiness than to forever dwell in a paralyzing despair. It's not my fault for not having been taught swimming … Continue reading Sadness isn’t beautiful.

Blank Canvas

Crayons, colour pencils, water paints, palette, sketches and paint brushes; on this desk are placed nearly everything I'll ever need. But yet, for some unknown reason I'm surrounded by blank canvases hung onto their respective easels, staring right back at me. I could fill away all this emptiness if somehow I manage attempting to proceed. … Continue reading Blank Canvas