There’s this thing. .

Uhm hello?
Is anybody listening?
I have to
No I want to
No no
I need to say something
Yeah, so are you free?
Okay that’s good
It’s good to be free
Now listen carefully
About this thing
I don’t know what it is
I’m not sure
Mmh oomph it’s. .
It is. . Weird okay?
You got that much right
That’s good. . That’s good
There’s something else
And guess what?
It’s weird too
Haha! I know
I make jokes sometimes
Yeah, they’re not funny
But I’ll laugh a bit, okay?
Because they’re funny to me
Ooh ooh. I get it
Alright. . Alright
You have someplace to go
Yes, of course
You have things to do
I was almost done anyway
You know this entire thing
Was like one of those times
When I try to be funny
Ohh. . . Oooh
This wasn’t funny?
But, I did tell you
My jokes are pretty bad
They’re terrible
Yes, I know
Okay, sorry to take your time
You can go now
Sorry. . Sorry
To make you wait
I didn’t mean to. .
Didn’t want to
Okay, okay. .
You can go now
Yes, I am fine
Am absolutely fine
Yes, I will take care
Thank you. .
Thank you very much
You’re so kind
You’re welcome
Oh no, you should say that
I’m welcome
Yes I know
Always welcome?
Okay, that’s nice
Thanks again
Oooh I forgot
I’m sorry
Okay sorry
Yes, yes
You’re already late
You’re supposed to go
Okay. . Yes
Yeah, sure
Mmh mmh
Yeah, yes

Image credit: Pixabay