Honeysuckle, Bubblegum?

Oh! Honeysuckle?

Bubblegum. Huckleberry.

Is life throwing lemons at you? Do you need a blanket to sleep? A cozy book or a bar of chocolate maybe? I know how you must be feeling.

Or maybe not. I don’t know what you are feeling. And how would I? Who are you to me anyway. I don’t know anything about your life or your struggles for that sake. So you know what? I’m done giving you advices. I’m done with giving advices before I even began giving any advices. You want to know why? Because they are all useless. I’ve got piles of them stored under my bed, which reminds me that I’m supposed to throw them away.

I’m asking you again to tell me honestly. How are you, really? No. Don’t give me those bullshit answers like – ‘I’m fine, thank you for asking’ crap. I don’t want them. My tolerance level has got down to an absolute zero. So start talking and spill the beans.

No. I’m not going to solve any of your problems. I don’t have answers to any of your questions. So don’t try to seek any kind of help from me. If you do, you’ll return empty handed. Because I assure you that I’m nothing but useless.

But, if you want someone who’ll listen you ramble on, sit with you and hear you complain. Count me in. I’ll be there. I’ll be there if you need me to bitch around. Let’s talk about how senseless everything is and how clueless we are, ever since the day we were born. If you need someone like that, count me in. I’ll be there.

Image credit: Pixabay

56 thoughts on “Honeysuckle, Bubblegum?

      1. Hey! I’ve been hanging around lost and found, lost and found. IDK why when something goes wrong I just feel like abandoning everything I’ve created. Only to regret it later on. Is this normal? Or am I crazy?

        How are the things on your side of the globe by the way? 🙂


  1. Damnnnnnnnn girl! Absolutely killed it this time😎😎😎😎

    I love this cause the honesty level was over 10000! I’m glad you’ve realised you need a break, so do I tbh😌…….

    once in a while we just need to stop solving problems, and just listen, bitch around and have fun…..otherwise life become intolerable lol

    It’s super awesome to read one of your posts after so long!!

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    1. Tanishq thank you so much! I was really done with half population of the world when I wrote this lol (overdramatic) 😂

      It’s okaaaay to take breaks. Really absolutely fiiine. I’m still not out of my break strictly speaking. But I’m kinda pulling myself out slowly. 😁

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  2. It’s a long time eleven eleven , I saw ur comment on Abhishek’s poem & came here.. R ur memories good enough to remember me though?
    Btw ur writings haven’t changed, everyone experiences it & u told it in a unique way.

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  3. Very honest post…….specially this line
    “I’m asking you again to tell me honestly. How are you, really? No. Don’t give me those bullshit answers like – ‘I’m fine, thank you for asking’ crap.”
    I liked it very much🌸😀

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      1. Oh nothing it’s only life that’s been taking on some crazy turns. 😉
        I’m doing better now btw. Thank you for asking. 💖


  4. This piece was a slice of life from the past, but so revealing of a person who is as demanding as much as loving and understanding. Such a character she is! Unapologetic and fiery. Definitely passionate…what the world needs. Bless you Sana.


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