“Do you believe in coincidences? Or do you feel that concept of Maktub is true? Like.. for instance, do you think there’s a reason behind why we met here today?” I ask her curiously whilst trying to steal a glance of her from my visional periphery. She didn’t respond for quite a long time (or I guess she didn’t), during which her eyes were restless-yet-composed. As though they were looking for lost vocables in empty sea shells, on this abandoned shore.. Few moments later, she cleared her throat to speak..

The reason why our paths crossed here, is far less relevant than, where they take us from here.

I found myself just nodding thoughtfully. And we just sat there for what felt almost like an eternity. .

Disclaimer: The featured image is not mine.

27 thoughts on “Maktub

    1. I actually found the word in the book, ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. It basically means, It is written.
      I didn’t know about it’s root origin. But now I searched and found out –
      Derived from the passive participle of the verb (kataba, “to write”), from the root (k-t-b), as you recollect.

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  1. Your thoughts, that you so casually pen down are truly a treat and you’re right, the potential of a first meeting is endless, it can totally change your life… the alchemist was indeed a wonderful book!

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      1. Yeah, 8th grade is probably too young to read the alchemist. I read it last year along with a similar book- Jonathan Livingston seagull…
        The second book was along the same lines, but a bit simplified in its choice of words, so pretty intuitive…. and you’re welcome!

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      2. Yeah I realised it later on and re-read it in my intermediate. Oh, I’ve read Jonathan too! And absolutely adored it. It was such a peaceful treat. 🎀


      1. Yeah sure!
        You must already be knowing that they’re considered really lucky. Angel numbers sort of thing. So when me and my BFF got to know about it, we started wishing for things whenever we saw these numbers. It became a everyday thing. And I also started loving this numbers. Not any story as such, and also silly. Ik. 😛

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