An Untypical Hello

Let me be honest. I’ve always sucked at giving introductions. My shoulders don’t desire to carry such immense pressures upon them. So to follow this mere social responsibility, I’ll just let you know a few things about me. I’m that girl in your college who you fail to recognise because she’s always busy, missing her classes. I’m that boy who waits until everybody left to make sure nobody watches him leave. I’m that kid who accepts chocolates upon offering, but refuses to utter even a single word. You can catch me jaywalking on busy roads, mumbling to myself those faintly audible incoherent words. When returning from a late night party, I’m that person who you call nerd for having her bedroom lights still on. I’m your nextdoor grandpa who rights ‘your doings’ which go wrong. You still don’t recollect me, or do you? Will my handmade cookies remind you of your hazy childhood spent relishing on them? I guess it’s hard. I know it is. Metaphorically speaking, you see I’m similar to few unspoken words, unposted letters, titleless poems and unedited prose. I’m like Everything you see. But, Nothing like you notice.

• • • • •

So what is this blog about?
It’s about nothing really. I’ll be using it as a journal to keep track of innumerable loops of thoughts running through my mind on a daily basis.
How regularly will it be updated?
Again that’s something I don’t know for myself. As long as I am able to thread words into proper sentences, I’ll keep this blog well posted.

Disclaimer: The featured image is not mine.

20 thoughts on “An Untypical Hello

  1. I really appreciate it when people accept the fact that their blog might not — won’t — be updated regularly. There is a beauty in the irregularity Sana. Write only when it feels like doing so.

    And the introduction was exquisite – well articulated.

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    1. Well, at that time I really wasn’t sure about blogging (and still am not though). ‘Beauty in irregularity’ I didn’t think of it that way ever. Thank you for widening my horizon. Thank you so much again for appreciating. It really means so much to me. 🙂

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  2. Blown away by this intro….cannot stop reading now. Please forgive my intrusion into your life….try to ignore me…cause I’m gonna be reading every one of your posts now…just put your phone on silent ig…

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    1. I was about to reply, but a call came in. Honestly I’m at loss of words Tanishq. Thank you so so much.
      I’m not a great writer, still learning. So you may not like what I write always. But, hold on? Maybe.

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      1. Np…I too needed to get back to studying as well. My god 12th is such a pain…but you already know I guess. 🙄

        and don’t doubt yourself, you really are a great writer… 🙂

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      2. Yes, I completely totally utterly agree. 12th is crucial and stressful. But avoid stressing over it more than what is necessary. Which subjects are you going to pursue btw?

        Also thank you so much Tanishq for your kind words. 🙂


      3. Architecture sounds really cool. Here, in South we usually choose our subjects in intermediate itself. So we don’t have to select further on. So I’m guessing you’re doing plus one plus two (CBSE).
        All the best Tanishq! Just stay focused and remember to also have a bit of fun. I’m sure you’ll do great! 😀

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      4. Thank you for your wishes….I really need them ig 😅

        so you’re from the south is it. Which part btw,? my cousin lives in Hyderabad. I live in Gurgaon ( it’s near the infamous Delhi).

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  3. Damn girl! That was one hell of an introduction. I am watching your posts closely now and you probably are gonna get spammed with all my comments.😂


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