Song Of Success

How wonderful 

Does it feel

To sing the 

Song of victory?

“sweet, magical 


They always say.

Let me tell you

A secret.

Which they hide 

The deepest.

“It’s not easy 

To create a history.

One suffers 

Hell of a pleasing 


Barefoot, one tries 

To walk on 

The pebbles 

scattered By road.

To succeed,

Many a times,

For days together

One just stops 

To cry and,

Just to bleed.

His hopes die.

Many friends bid 

A goodbye. 

But a few 

Do stay

To help him


With His ride. 

Defeating the foes.

Fighting his 

Inner negative cores.

He reaches the 

Home of his dreams.

Eyes glisten 

with tears.

Hands shake

With fear.

Full of hope

He rings the bell.

Only to realise 

He’s at a wrong door.”

See I told you the 

Biggest secret.

Struggles don’t promise 

Success in 

Fraction of seconds.

It may take months,

Or even years,

To watch

It’s true existence.

A piece of advice 

I bring to you. 

When it gets harder

To keep going 

And you feel

Like giving it all up,

Remember what they tell

Is also true. 

Singing the success song 

Is undoubtedly, 

So sweet 

That it magically, 

Takes your breath away

For a moment or two. 

6 thoughts on “Song Of Success

  1. This is beautifully written. You have greatly presented the “song of success” and what it takes to be successful. I mean the hard and soft moments which comes across often during the course of time. Very nicely penned. Liked it. 😊👍

    Liked by 1 person

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