what’s even there to write

You write when you have something important to say, some earthshattering kind of realisation, an epiphany on how to go through life or even a variation in the overly cliched point of view that shows the ordinary in a neverseenbefore light, isn’t it? So would I be wrong if I admit that I’ve had none of those moments in the past many many months? No, right? No, I wouldn’t be. You might say that I should have written just for the sake of writing, just because I enjoy it, just to simply let the crap out and/or all of the above. To which I’ll ask you in return, tell me what am I supposed to write? Should I note down how many times I’ve cursed my life today (or the day before or the day before that)? Wondered how much better it would’ve been if I was never born? How I see no future where I’m at peace? How even a little increase in the volume of people around me can send shivers down my spine for a second? How hard it is for me to spend even a few rupees on myself? Did I tell you about the time I stayed empty stomach because I felt guilty everytime I consumed something (edible or otherwise). I still do.

When your house is on fire, you look around for water to cool it down. That’s general knowledge. Common sense. But what would you do if you know that your house is going to be on fire, and you only know that and nothing else? It may happen today or may not. Or maybe tomorrow or maybe not. Then what would you do? Wouldn’t you always be on your fucking guard too? Won’t you walk around carrying a garden hose everywhere you go too? Looking for little fires to put out much before moment they even start.

Who wouldn’t try to protect their home. No-one.

2 thoughts on “what’s even there to write

  1. After every storm there is a light and after every dark night there is light.. So never lose hope and trust in yourself. Everyone has their own struggles and your’s is a little more than others . Think this as a test from above like how to have given tests and exams in your school.. And the only difference is the result is yet to be given.Your patience,your tolerance and your hardwork will for sure pay off ,I have hope and trust and i wish it in you too… I am waiting for that one day where all the dark sorrows and storms surpass and a new begining is waiting..


  2. you know i am here whenever you need to talk to me or you need me.. Reading your writings give tears in my eyes and breaks my heart. But i know you are a strong girl and you will come out of this pain soon..Wish i took take your pain and make it mine. wish i could bring back your happiness .


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