A pov

It’s Jan, 2020. You wake up happy because your bestfriend’s going to be back in town today. There are many people whom she’s waiting to meet and you’re just grateful to be one of them. She visits you at your new home for the first time. She says she likes your bedroom when you ask her. You either change out of your pyjamas or you’re already dressed before going to the house of another friend who happens to live backstreet. The three of you ride triples to pick up another school friend of yours. This gang of yours has met after ages. There’s a little awkwardness, but not much. You’re enjoying yourself. You’re happy. You don’t even know it. All four of you make it to Maris Stella on two scooties; the place that was second home to your bestfriend for five years. You meet her other friends once again. You try to figure out a way to get out of listening to never-ending speeches, but fail. The other two from school leave as it gets darker. Your bestfriend asks you to click a picture of hers when she gets her medal. You with your almost terrible photography skills manage to capture a just above average shot. You’re proud of your bestfriend and you tell yourself that you’re gonna keep reminding her. You take pictures with your bestfriend and her friends. There are four of you again. You walk out of college and stop at a little bakery that is supposedly their roz ka adda. You’re all sitting there on chairs munching on garbage, talking about the randomest of things and laughing out loud. When the topic comes up, you share your worst fear with them. They listen and they do not judge and you feel safe. To everybody’s disappointment it’s already time to part ways. You say goodbye without meaning to let go. Her friend agrees to drop you home. But you have a hard time remembering which turns to make. You keep getting confused & you end up confusing her too. After several rounds of giving misdirections you finally spot your home. You thank her and you apologise. And just like that, the day’s over. 

Months later when you try to recreate the day, you’re convinced that you should be eating more almonds.

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