10 thoughts on “When I say there’s more, maybe there isn’t.

  1. You know it’ll be easy for me to just say that you’ll figure things out and that this isnt the right thing to feel but having gone through similar emotions it would be dishonest.

    I dont have many friends and am often more dependent on my limited friends and family than they are on me. So ya i do sometimes feel that ill die unnoticed and shall be forgotten…and you know that no one gives a damn whether i exist or not.

    But ive started to believe that even though its important to live for other people from time to time, its more important to live for yourself.

    If you’re luck enough to be alive….make the most of it. You have a long enough life ahead to live for other people but until you reach that stage….look out for the little things that actually matter to you.

    Friends and connections happen when they happen , but ig we all need to be our own best friends once in a while 🙂

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    1. I had no idea you have felt similar way too. I’m sorry to hear that. I really wish I had something more helpful to tell you. But I don’t. Maybe some of us go through these whirling emotions from time to time. Maybe it’s just ingrained within our genes to feel this way.

      Now that I’m thinking about it maybe our brains lie to us. Maybe it wants us to be on our toes. Always worrying about who’s going to leave us next, it doesn’t want us to appreciate what’s right in front of us. And it does do a tremendous job doesn’t it. While waiting for some picture-perfect version of our ‘person’ to enter our lives, we literally forget to pay attention to people who have been beside us all along. Am I explaining this correctly? I mean like maybe there’s no ‘real connection’ at all. Maybe it’s about giving an already made connection more ‘realness’?

      I honestly don’t know if what I said made any sense to you at all. But talking to you somehow opened a channel for me to be okay with what I feel. So thank you.

      And I also agree with what you’re saying Tanishq, I really do. But if I have to be honest, self love for me has been a little tricky. I’m too critical for making that happen anytime soon.. I guess? Oh but how bad I wish I could be my own best friend. 🌸


      1. Yeah it does make sense sana

        It might just be about realness, Who knows.
        The human mind is a complex thing that no one really understands

        I think the easiest way to love yourself is to respect yourself first. Thats actually tougher if you think about it. Try doing things that you thought you could never do,

        For example- for me it was the gym and learning to drive. 2 things i never imagined myself doing but when i finally started seeing results it has a huge impact on your self image.

        If you can fight your body and mind and emerge victorious- thats when you’ll experience true self love i feel

        It does all start with a wish ya know 🤔

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      2. Hey that’s actually a really great advice! Starting small. Baby steps. Now I’ll have to think up a few things which are also possible at this point of time, and see how I’ll do at them.

        Also it’s amazing that you’re getting to learn these new things. I’m happy for you. 😊


  2. I think we think too much. Like thinking about being replaceable, and there are people who never think about it. For instance, I didn’t had these thoughts about being replaceable in my mind, until I read your post. bottom line, at the end of day everyone is replaceable, be it in work or a relationship. Let’s not think about it much, and continue to shine by caring about people you love, and move on when it’s the time! That’s the only way imo

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    1. I don’t know about everybody but I definitely do think a lot. The only way I stop stressing about something is by either talking it out or writing it down. And now I can let these thoughts be and move on.

      Yes Abhishek, you are right. We really are replaceable and this fact shouldn’t really bother any of us at all.


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