i love you the way i wish to be loved

i asked you what your favourite colour was. your birthday was coming up and i wanted to paint the wall endorsing my cherished titles by the window which overlooks our nosey neighbour’s place to be dipped in a colour you adored. it was supposed to be a symbolic ode to our love and a way to celebrate this journey of togetherness. you said you find metaphors hard to understand. i wanted to tell you’re confusing symbols for metaphors, but i didn’t. instead i told you about how this could be our little secret. and i also said how it’d be completely ours to keep. your ears perked right up when they caught on the s word. i smiled internally when i realised how well we have come to know each other in these years and faintly began wondering how much more there was to discover until you poked me on the cheek and brought me back to the real world.

do you remember how our wall looked back then? me neither. i often think about how we should’ve taken a picture when we had the chance.

7 thoughts on “i love you the way i wish to be loved

    1. I kind of wanted to take this in a particular direction but it went the other way. Maybe that’s why it seems a bit vague. 😂

      Thaaaank youuuu. 🙃


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