Back to December

in these hours when i sense december arriving on the horizon my mind goes back to the much-much before times without which the present would’ve been implausible and i’m immediately filled up with innumerable emotions this upside-down life along the journey has given me. it is in these hours where i sit alone by myself and find my mind to be truly at peace and this peace isn’t just a mere absence of noise but a firm belief that i’m exactly where i am needed to be. this sort of happens to me only when a big little change is around a corner i can’t see yet. it happened when i suddenly moved with my family to my hometown, it happened when i joined in another school, then again when my best friend chose a different college, then again, and again and again. i retrace these paths that i’ve walked on till date taking care i don’t miss out on even smaller details, i recollect & hold all these electric moments of shared laughter in my arms, i revisit those incidents that once upon a time made my heart flutter, i revise hard lessons which pain demanded me to learn and i realise what a beautiful mess my life can be and always has been. and it really does make me wonder – what currently could be going unnoticed by my eye which i’ll look back later upon in this rollercoaster life.

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