Hearts, balloons, all things colourful.

It’s gets easier doesn’t it? First it seems impossible and some time passes, then it seems doable. Before you know it, there you are, not wondering or worrying about what he’s doing. His late replies slowly stop bothering you. You don’t mind not being in his list of priorities. In fact, in a way it makes you feel free. You don’t know how to explain it but you guess that it’s just the way it is. Inexplicably simple but oh so difficult to understand at the beginning. But now you’re getting to know better. Now you’re learning that you and him only got closer to realise, you guys aren’t meant to be together. The pain is almost gone now. There’s a faint hint of a smile playing on your lips while you’re reading this. He doesn’t affect you anymore. You want to party. You want to sing or dance or do both. Here you are, moving on from something you frankly assumed you’d be forever stuck in. Here you are taking steps forward without wanting to look backward. Here you are dreaming of possibilities instead of glooming over insecurities. There was always hope, you just didn’t know it but, you do know now and that’s all that matters. Make sure to tuck this hope safely beside you every night as you go to sleep. Because we usually forget that hope needs to be taken care of too.

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