Six things I learned in these past few months.

1. Forgiving people even if they don’t apologise, especially if they don’t apologise is extremely necessary for protection of your own sanity.

2. Establishing boundaries brings peace & harmony to life. So just agree to their staying on that side of the line and you staying on this side while both of you recognise & respect the line established in between.

3. It’s okay to scream FUCK OFF sometimes. People can be too much to tolerate and if you are not okay with something, then it simply isn’t okay.

4. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean that you are wrong. You always need to take a stand for what you believe in. You will eventually realise it’ll be a help in every way to achieve whatever you set your heart in.

5. No word is dirty. Sex. Vagina. Penis. Condom. They sound okay. They aren’t good or bad. They’re what they are, just words. It’s only when they’re put into sentences will they ever convey a message. It’s this message that needs to be judged. And words need to be left the hell alone if the context in which they’re used is not known.

6. Make peace with being alone because no matter how many people are there beside to support you, you’re always going to be the only one inside your head. So learn how to be okay with it.

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