To the ones who cast spell on words.

Who should be called writers rightfully? There are just so so many of them everywhere. There are writers who write when and where an inspiration hits them. But there are others who practice the art of words each day, every day. There must be those who write novels. Some might prefer things to be shorter i.e novellas. Then there are those whose poetry would makes you feel breathless. Others soothe your anxious nerves by calming verse. There are those who only write if they read first. So there must also be writers who don’t. There are those writers who need cups and cups of coffee to pop up something pretty. I’ve heard of people giving up their sleep for completing their unfinished works. Writers who explore every library, every bookstore, every corner of their city, every nook of their friend’s home to once again remember the feeling of knowing something, that thing. Writers who look up thesaurus page to page to gulp down new words. Writers who mend broken dreams of their own homes. Writers who can routinely afford to go into writer’s retreat. Writers who enjoy writing in silence. Writers who put music into their backgrounds. Writers who choose to write in various languages. English writers. Spanish writers. Japanese writers. Writers who write in your mother tongue. Writers who move to another country. Writers who translate your words to mine. Writers who prompt other writers to write. Writers who inspire you and me to write. Writers who write whatever comes to their minds. Writers are who choose to write. Writers are who write.

29 thoughts on “To the ones who cast spell on words.

      1. I’m actually falling in love with Non-fiction. But as of now I’m reading these opposing philosophies called Existentialism and Objectivism.

        What about youu?

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      2. Heavyweight stuffs huh!! Me i shuffle between fic and non fic.. the list so far are as following
        1. One Thing (Non Fi)
        2. Possession (Fic)
        3. Budha in Daily Life (Non Fi)
        4.A Book on TIBET (Non Fi)
        5.Last Train to Istanbul (Fic)…

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      3. My God! I remember you telling me that you alternate books to keep yourself invested. But five books at a time. You deserve an honorary mention. Seriously.

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      4. One I dropped because 6 was too Much to Keep up and I believe that we are running out of time.. so keep me satisfied i read many.. thanks to Kindle out of 5.. 3 are from Kindle.. which makes reading a splendid experience as well as a speedy One ☺️ Thank you!

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      5. I can relate to the fear of missing out very well. Well, I’m reading on an app myself. This one aspect of technology is that I admire 🌸

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    1. Helloo Sumeet! It’s been over two months. Took a little too long break from blogging but you write only when you wanna write right?

      Hope you’ve been well!

      Thank you! 💖

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  1. First of all, welcome back!!!

    Hope you’re here to stay🙂

    And youve put it very aptly….a writer is anyone who writes, nothing more, nothing less- and thats all that matters!

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    1. Thank you. I’m happppy to be bacck.
      Am I here to stay? Or will I take another break? Only time can tell.

      Thank you so much Tanishq. You always put a smile on my face. 🌸

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  2. Without reading how we write???
    I think the writer has a determination not definition. Writer dies, but their writings remain forever along with their penned name.

    BTW, I’m very happy to see your post in my news feed. Welcome back on WP.💐😊

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    1. Well by reading I meant, the ones who are not into literature. Yes, I totally agree with you. Hence, the title indicates dedication not a definition. 🎈

      I’m happy happy too. Missed this placee. Thank you 😊

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