Two Lunatics, One City

Is this the day when I’ll be free?

Depends on you Miss, do you want it to be?

Oh yes, please. Absolutely!

Tell me what would you like to see first? Where do you want to go?

Anywhere. Anywhere. I am tired of watching the world from my broken window.

I’m afraid we don’t have lots of money.

What do we need lots of money for?

To go to places? To have fun?

What’s money got to do with any of those?

How then will we pay our bills?

We shall have no bills.

No bills. . ? But. .

Sshh. . We’ll walk through this old city like a pair of expatriates who came out on an evening stroll. We’ll bask in this warm glistening sun to get a natural tan. We’ll then run and hop and jump and dance and trip and fall and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. . People will think we’re crazy. But we won’t mind because we’ll be way too busy having the time of our lives. So what do you say?

I say, what are we waiting for?