Sunshine Blogger Award

Okay, so I’ve seen this beautiful picture floating around different blogs many a times, but I never imagined that I’d get nominated for it. So thank you so much Chiru @ Inspire&Change for nominating me. I was so delighted to find your notification. And for anyone who hasn’t been to his blog already, go check it out right now to get inspired instantly.

After reading the rules a couple hundred times, and researching and wondering and procrastinating, I think I’m ready for this now.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you in a blog post and make a link back to their blog.
  • Answer the eleven questions sent to you by the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate other eleven blogs and ask them eleven new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog.

My Answers:

How did you come up with your blog’s name? I was squeaking with happiness when I found this question. Because I can finally explain why I love eleven eleven numbers so much, in a proper post. So here it goes. . My best friend and I do this thing where we make wishes for each other when our phones display 11:11 (On WhatsApp). Because we do it so regularly, I just thought why not! My blog can be named after that. I’m sure most of you already assume me to be crazy but then again I am a bit crazy.

(Also it’s 11/11 today, try wishing for something at 11:11pm maybe? Okay. I’ll stop now.)

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? This is pretty simple. Santorini islands in Greece. I mean only a fool wouldn’t want to go there. I’ve seen countless of its enthralling dichromatic pictures exhibiting hardly any colour, other than white and blue. Blue&White symbolise nothing but heaven and peace for me. Just look, and tell me how can one not fall for it.

Dedicate one stanza for the best person in your life. Questions like these make me forget everything I’ve read. *Thinking* *scratching head* *staring into the oblivion hoping for the answer to come to me, somehow* Yay! Found it.
‘And on those days
When the sky begins to fall
You’re the blood of my blood
We can get through it all’

What is that one memory which you’d never forget? Well I remember the one time when my parents were in tears and they were both hugging me tight, Abba on the left I guess, and Mommy on my right. That’s the memory I want to relive again.

What is your biggest inspiration? I’d say everyone and everything. Because I believe, there’s not a soul here in this world who doesn’t have something to teach.

Have you done anything in your life which you regret? Of course, I have. I’m a human. Ooh no. There’s nothing in the question telling me to state what those regrets are. So I’m gonna keep them to myself. *Evil laughter*

Do you believe in ghosts? If yes, please share any incident relating to it. My mind is open to possibilities and when I say, I have faith in God, I just feel the opposite must also exist. Because if Satan was really a myth, why then the world we live in, is so chaotic? And likewise I think ghosts would exist too. Maybe. May not be.

What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done? I’ve only dreamt of adventures and not done them yet. So, one day maybe.

Mention one quote you truly believe in. Live in the moment, ’cause everything else is uncertain – Louis Tomlinson.

Mention one thing you’d like to change in your life. I’d want more independency. Now who wouldn’t want that right? I’ll be taking another question from your previous post Chiru, because I’m just eleven crazy. (sorry not sorry).

Mention one thing that motivates you to wake up every day. My attendance in college? Does that count? It sure does.

Okay, I’m at the end of this post. Phew this was hard but also so much fun. Thank You again Chiru. I’d nominate people further but everyone out here is beyond amazing. And it’s also too hard to come up with new questions. This was my first time, so I could get some slack, right? Pretty please. *_*

Everyone! Feel free to nominate yourself and as for the questions, just answer the same ones Chiru asked me. Good day fellas!

P.S. I’ll really appreciate if somebody explained to me what a pingback is? (I’m not great with this tech stuff.)

165 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations Sana✨❤️

    I actually guessed the reason behind your blog name. I was right 😎
    I’ve read that if you keep seeing 11:11 often it means that universe is working in favour of you.

    And guess what, it’s 11/11 today😲

    I wish your all wishes come true.

    Loved your answers😀😀

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    1. Thank you so much Sumeet! ❤️
      Yes, absolutely. I began to type this post and that’s when I noticed the date. I can only hope so. But, even then it’s like I chase the numbers even when they don’t. Haha!

      Oh that’s so sweet of you. All your dreams may come true as well.
      Thank you again! 😊💫


  2. Ping back boletoh , link Karo paste kisi ka bhi, badhaye ho hogya ping back.
    congratulations on your first award, I can see you in clouds, blocking sun. 😁😁.
    For Satan humans can hear between 20 to 20000 hurt, does not mean sound below 20 and 20000 does not exist.
    Our eyes can see between 400nm to 700nm does not been something not there below 400 and above 700, like uv or ir so might be there on with you whispering WASWAS in your left ear, so that it can sway you away from your goal.
    Duao me yaad rakhna.

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    1. Oooh! Itna simple? Aur nominate Karne ke liye wahi karte hai?
      Absolutely, agreed Aquib! Just because we don’t see or hear some things, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. May evil be kept always at bay.
      Thank you so much.
      Beshak, yaad rakha hua hai. 🙂

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      1. Oh hoo, and thus spoke the Celeb Sana Sheikh 😜😜. Omg i am sure you are just kidding. 😁😁
        Well yeah i have written something, wait I am just editing, I will ping you back. JazakAllah khair for your support.

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      2. Does Sheikh mean something? Or did you just guess my name correctly? Spelling differs though.

        Ooh wow! Likho araam se. Waiting for it. All the best. Hope you did well in your exams too. 🙂


  3. I’ve been waiting for this since I got to know you were nominated…

    Santorini islands look amazing!😍

    I think it’s really cool that , you and your friend have a ritual … Always wanted to that…
    Lovee your stanza- short ,to the point, and beautiful…

    That memory was really cute!

    I Revere ghosts, but also fear them…. believe in them, but don’t really want to…
    Isn’t there anything even remotely adventurous that you’ve done?? Think about , I’m sure there must be something…
    And yeah I got to know the pingback thing pretty late as well😂

    Congratulations! I hope adventure s become a reality for you….

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    1. Hahah! Really? I was being lazy. Lol
      Isn’t it? Santorini 💕
      Yes yes, we’ve been doing for quite a few years now.
      It’s from a song – brothers by Needtobreathe.
      Thank you so much! 🙂

      You actually came up with a poem on ghosts.

      Sadly, nope. Nothing adventurous. What about you? Have you had had any adventures? Do let me know. 😁

      Same here. Same here. 😂

      Thank you so much again! Hearing from you is always a pleasure. 😊


      1. I think the most adventurous thing I’ve done till now is go of to explore Dubai on my own….the water park- Atlantis was amaaaazin…. you tend to miss friends and family ….but being on your own is also pretty cool…..
        I’d want to do something like that yeah I too want more freedom😜

        My standards of adventure are pretty low huhhh….😅

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      2. The fact that you went on your own says that you already have freedom💫. Oh my God!! I really wanna know about the whole experience now. Really. Really. Dubai, all alone! Just awesome. 😍😍

        Although I’d want to go with friends because well, I need to make all the funny stories one can make. Hey hey. Those are actually pretty high standards of adventure, buddy. 😉

        My standards may be pretty loww. I’d be just as happy if somebody I’m allowed to go on a road trip to Hyd. (yeah, this is what you call low now😂)


      3. Haha…although I’d prefer going on a road trip to Hyderabad….Dubai eats up money like crazy….he’ll the water costs more than a dairy milk silk🙄….and then my sister lives in Hyderabad.

        IKR….it would’ve been better with friends, but my friends parents don’t even allow them to go from Gurgaon to Delhi….

        It’s my dream to go to places and befriend the locals….just make new friends….cause I’m reallly bad at that…hopefully some day..

        Well Dubai is a epitome of man made wonders, although it’s a bit artificial at times. You can’t walk around much cause it’s suuuuper hot, and the cabs are super expensive. The people however are nice to talk too, it was great talking to the cab drivers maybe cause they were mostly Indians and Pakistanis….
        Crime and theft is at a minimum which is a welcome change…
        The hotel was built on a mall, so spent a lot of my time inside searching for useless things to buy….😌
        Dubai has one of the best haunted houses in the world , but I was too creeped by the trailers to try it…👀

        Can’t emphasise enough on how amazing the water park was. …😺😺
        I had limited per day allowance so after spending time at the water park…I could only afford a watermelon for lunch🤧
        The beaches are amazing…..
        You can pay some 5000 rs to go to the top of Burj Khalifa and take pics…but I prefered to use photoshop…lol😎

        Loved the breakfast cereal you get at Carrefour…you could say I lived on it…..🤓

        I think that was all For my trip to Dubai….

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      4. You know the whole time while reading this, I was smiling like ear to ear. Wow, it actually feels like I know what it feels to go to Dubai. All in all seems like it was a great experience for and look how much you know about there.
        This is what travelling does to people. *_* widens your horizons of knowledge. I have heard everything is expensive there, except for tech gadgets. Right? Wow. That’s a bravo of police authorities. 😀
        Useless things to buy? Bahhahah.
        You know I’d do the same thing I’d never go up there probably. But because I’m not really a fan of tall buildings. 🙊 And 5000rs for that, no thank you. You did the right thing. Photoshop does work great. 😁
        Cereal there = Maggie here? Am I right or am I right?
        Thank you for sharing your experience there Tanishq. I was laughing after every sentence. 😉

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      1. Actually, I think in the medical field reservation should be abolished. Because those reserved category doctor can ruin the patient by giving any sort of treatment without having appropriate knowledge. Do you know how do doctors remember the name of so many medicines and there generic name also?

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      2. I think reservation should be abolished after we reach the stage of equality. The whole point of reservation was to equalise different religions and caste systems. But what part of our country has no problem with inter-caste, inter-religion relations. (This is a whole debate topic, which you’ve stated) And reserved categories are not the only one to get biased views, also the ones who buy off seats in private colleges. But some of them do come out to become great doctors. Percentage of students getting pg seats is always high in private colleges than in government colleges. (This is what most of my professors tell.)

        I’m studying Pharmacology this year. Yes, we classify drugs and there’s a prototype drug for every group. We remember different groups based on the similarities and differences of the prototype drug.

        P.S. I study in a government college and I got a seat under reservation. But those above are unbiased views. Yes, I do believe reservation is supposed to be based on financial status. But do you know how much a medical seat costs? It’s goes around 2-2.5 crores here where I live (C Cat)
        60-80 lakh (B cat)
        Not everybody is able to afford that much, you know?


      3. I know the point that you have mentioned, but there are many who don’t study and after getting the degree…They end up treating patients whose lives are at a great risk. Those innocent people think that the doctors are God, but the fact will be that they were responsible for anything that happens to the patient. I am telling that if the students themselves don’t use the reservation atleast in such critical field. The system can change.
        P.S- I have met and interacted with some medical students who gave me there viewpoint.


      4. One thing I’ve realized after getting here is, it doesn’t matter how you got into it. The only thing that matters is what you do with it. What do you think of reservation tell me first? They don’t take failures and put in a medical college.
        In my time, two years back – one can get a medical seat if you get a rank below/around 1200 (private college)
        And if below 1000 or so (govt college)
        I got a seat by rank – 1989. Yes, there’s a lot of gap in ranks, but marks – not so much. Some got 2478 and got a seat, some 4282 and some got in 10k or 11k and bought off the seat.
        And if you think that what we study in intermediate is any way related to MBBS syllabi, you are so wrong.

        DOCTORS ARE NOT GODS. Oh! My God! we are not divine or angelic or anything extra human. We are just human! (Even the ones who top every Uni exam)

        What I’m really trying to tell is it doesn’t matter all the above examples have a potential. They are taught the same things and given the same opportunities. The rest is totally individualistic.

        Yes, if I’d have given up my reservation and tried to get it next year, I’d have gotten in next year (only losing a year extra). But then, somebody lower than my rank would have taken it. What I’m saying is – it would’ve done nothing to the system. System would’ve been still the same. (I’m also studying in a medical college, unless you tell me that I don’t and these are my views.)

        This discussion is not suitable for comments. Phew.


      5. The villagers are the one’s who consider doctors as “Gods”. Well you scored very good marks and a rank. Overpopulation is the reason for this type of chaos…
        Peace is really difficult in this world of chaos…

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      6. It is terrible that they do. That is why education is so important. But now things are changing, they are educating their kids and their kids in turn are educating them.

        Overpopulation oh my that’s another problem with no solution other than educating people against the chaos it leads to.

        Peace is impossible. But we can try to bring a little difference, that’s what I like to believe in.


      7. I don’t have any problem with inter-religion marriage, as far as the caste system is considered. Don’t you think that if the people gave up their caste. Nobody will come to know of the caste they belong and eventually all these nonsense would come to an end. The people themselves tend to believe that they belong to some caste, but the reality is that if the person perceives him or herself equal as others…. Think once

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      8. I don’t have either. The question is who’s going to give up their caste and religion? Do you know in villages, even today there are different areas for BC and OC castes? (I’ve seen them) and there is also marked difference between the quality of houses based on it.

        Hey, this is India. That’s a purely futuristic and optimistic thinking, it may and it should happen here also. But it’ll take a lot of time, is what I’m saying. I really respect your thinking that religions don’t matter. But there’s a whole country to put under consideration. Urban areas are changing. But villages where around majority of population resides, not much has changed since independence. Trust me on this.


      9. I apologize for starting a debate. I only argue with those who I think can understand the point.
        Why did you think that I don’t know about villages? Do you know that my native place is a small unknown village? My ancestors were all farmers and they were illiterate. The problem with me is that the reservation will not solve anything, the villagers are not getting proper education. They themselves believe that education is useless which is the thing that needs to be changed. I believe that equality will never exist among the humans.


      10. It’s okay. You don’t have to apologise for sharing your opinion. But, then many of my peers are from villages as well. So may be we’re just talking about different sets of people, here. Times are changing. I believe so. I want to. Exactly our thinking should change.
        And equality already exists. It’s the execution that’s takes time.


      11. This is the equality of the world
        Rich & Poor
        Black & White
        Tall & Short
        Fat & Slim
        Educated & Uneducated
        Women & Men
        Normal & Disabled
        Anything more you remember….
        This all things come in each and every
        Equality can only be imagined, everywhere humans are distinguished.


    1. Hahaha! Yeah 1111 also are highly related to coincidences like these. (You’re allowed to think I’m crazy, it’s totally fine.)
      Yes, I believe they are many things which go unseen. (Also I’m from the one of a kind Supernatural fandom 😁)
      Do you think they exist too?

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      1. I believe in supernatural things. Like you said if you have Faith in god then there must be an evil existence too 😈. I love watching horror movies and read stuff. But the best part is to hear stories from people who’ve actually experienced it.

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      2. Wow! I’m not that into horror genre that much. (Supernatural is an exception). Have you tried Stephen King’s books? If you haven’t you should. I couldn’t sleep after I completed The Shining.
        Haven’t we all heard the sound of anklets in the midnights? I mean that happens to everybody right? Please say yes. Please. 😫

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      3. Also watch the movie. You’ll seriously appreciate the actors’ talent.
        Achhaa! Thank you for saying that. Payal ki goonjh. I’m not the only one. 😂


  4. Congratulations ☺️ Every answer was worth a read. To the point. Crisp and clear. Although I loved the way played around with the questions.. like regret in your life and believe in ghosts..

    Very well deserved 👌❤️

    Waiting to see many more in next eleven months to come 🙂

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  5. Wow that’s interesting…
    now I know why you posted this on 11/11..
    Amazed by the answer to inspiration question… yes everyone has something to teach…
    and the regret playing safe ah…hahaa clever.
    Glad to know more about you..
    happy blogging Sana..

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  6. I loved your answers 🙂 And adventures, believe me, everyday is one heck of an adventure although we have set definitions and norms, I don’t buy that.

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  7. Heyy…I just wanted to say hi
    No..I mean … How are you?
    Umm no, it’s nothing
    I just feel like talking to people some times..
    Yeah I’m completely fine..don’t worry
    That’s good…oh…hahaha
    Look so…
    Oh nevermind, you can pick up the phone..
    You gotta go?
    Why do you always have to go…so soon
    I thought… we’d sit under the stars for a bit…just talk..
    Oh you’re going to a party…that’s nice
    No, no I’ll be fine ..carry on
    Have fun!
    Hopefully will see you for longer next time?
    Nothing …just wanted to talk
    Ok you’re getting late…

    I completely understand, this urge and need to talk to someone… people don’t often talk about it…but we all go through it.
    How great would it be , if for once we could just let go of inhibitions, and say to someone… Please don’t go, I need to talk..

    Loved your post…cause it’s the truth..
    It might not have heavy words, or imagery, but I think you’ve written it in the moment, and it’s wonderful!!

    So keep up the great work, it’s inspiring

    ( Ps- I just like the rabbit emoji😅)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m gonna be honest I was having such a rough day. And frankly didn’t have anyone to talk to. . So this thing came out ufff. :/

      Your comment made me feel so so much better. So thank you. That was truly beautiful. 🙂

      Yes, I agree completely. We should reach out to people and get the weight off our chests a bit. But then, not everyone is born a talker. Some people just find it so hard to communicate. I’m some of the people. And I’m working on changing that. And man it is NOT an easy task. :/

      Thank you so much again. When/If you feel like this anytime (which I hope you never do), reach out to somebody you trust. Okay? 🐼

      I totally understand that affinity towards one emoji thing. Panda is always my most sent emoji. 😂


      1. I kind of guessed you were having a bad day…sorry to hear that ..
        But glad you told me yourself…

        I’m well versed with such feelings tbh

        Yeah.. I’ll learn to talk too hopefully…ig in college…cause school sucks😑😮

        And my stupid lines are nothing compared to your post, but I realized that you can often get people to talk about something by simply mimicing themselves….

        Yeah… hopefully that someone I trust is an alien from mars, who comes to earth to tell me my true lineage…lol…

        That’d be so cool……….annyyyways

        Hope you’re better now?

        I’m currently finding a website for a good penpal, but on simpler lines, you can just go eat some ice cream ….it always helps….😍…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha! That evident huh.
        School becomes wonderful after you leave it.
        No I found them to be pretty amazing! 💕 We often keep thinking low of ourselves. Something we should change right? Yes, maybe you are right. We are able to convey our thoughts to people with similar mindsets much more easier. 🙂

        Hahaha!! I’m sure they’re people in this very planet to be part of your clan.

        I will be betterr. It’ll take a bit more time. 🙂

        Ooh wow! Like traditional letter writing? Amazing. Hope you find someone as great as yourself to exchange letters. 😉

        I could’ve you know. I miss ice cream so so much. But I’m down with terrible cold. Yeah, life is cruel some times. 🤐 I’ll have it first thing when I get better. 🙂


      3. Cold that ever present villain…
        Chalo, take care!
        I was thinking more like an email penpal, it’s becoming a thing somehow..😺

        🍦🍦🍦 Isko khaalo tab Tak…😁

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      4. Cold, the worst of all. Haan I will. 🙂
        Ooh that’s nice too.
        Kismat mein emojis se adjust karna likha hai tab tak! Haha! Thenks! 😁


  8. The meaning behind your blog name is so cool, it’s like everything aligned just so you could write this on 11/11 as well (or maybe you waited for the date 😉)!

    YES! Santorini, Greece looks so insanely beautiful, it’s the number one location I want to visit. Screw Dubai, Santorini looks so much better… not that Dubai doesn’t look beautiful, but it’s been so over-hyped whereas Santorini actually has all the therapeutic aesthetics we all need.

    I’m guessing the stanza is dedicated to family? Or the Dothraki? (Blood of my blood is a Dothraki saying from Game of Thrones, who knows it might be a sign 🤫)

    The memory you chose is so wonderful and sweet. 🙂

    True. This world is too chaotic for a devil to not exist… so, why shouldn’t ghosts? I had a friend in school who had a ghost living in her house! Sadly, she was more than happy to tell us all about it…

    Sana, you’re a One Directioner? 🤭 YES, girl! Louis is SO LOVELY 💛 and that quote is true… everything’s so mad, we just have to enjoy the moment and laugh as much as we can otherwise we’ll go mad…

    Really enjoyed learning more about you, sister from another mister 🌟

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! Thank you Sophia. I’m not exactly sure. Like I knew I was supposed to write this post some time soon. And I was waiting for the right mood to come in. And it happened on that day. But I didn’t wait for the date. That I’m sure about 😊

      I KNOW RIGHT! I’ve been head over heels in love with it since I first saw it’s picture in my Instagram feed. You know what? You can have both. You can travel to amazing places, to not-so-amazing places and learn different things. Why choose when you don’t need to? 😉

      Haha! I got to know this stanza due to Supernatural. 🙈 It is dedicated to family. But not necessarily blood relations. ‘Family don’t end with blood, boy’. That’s from Supernatural again. People around me have been giving me kind of signs to just try GoT maybe. But what can I say I’m just one stubborn soul. 🙈 Or may be some day I’ll give it a chance. Who knows!

      Haha! I’ve had some experiences to. But they are the normal ones. Payal ki goonj, kisike aane ki aahat. Those sort of things.

      OMG! Yes, yes! Are you a Directioner too?? Louis is absolutely one amazing soul. 💙 I wish he knew what he’s worth and how his words soothe the hearts of his fans. Everything’s crazy and that’s exactly why we need to share more laughter and smiles.

      I’ve been away from WordPress for quite a long time. So pardon my late replies. Just been caught up in confusion life offers us time to time. Hope you’re doing well Sophia! Stay blessed 💫

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Then it must be fate, funny how things turn out ☺️

        100% agree. Beautiful or not beautiful, you live a whole different life when you travel. There’s a whole out there outside ourselves.

        I can tell you really like Supernatural! Well, they talk sense that’s for sure. And it’s totally up to you if you want to watch it… I’m not sure of your sensibilities, it is a really dark show, but I have to profess, I’ve never enjoyed watching misery on such a level before. Game of Thrones really is quite an experience.

        Anklets … someone’s times to come? The bells are ringing for someone’s arrival? I don’t know what that line means lol xD

        Girl, I used to be when they first started. Voted so many times for them on the X Factor using my mums phone and it amounted to a huge bill LOL. 😂 He really is such a soothing person, he has such a beautiful heart, so supportive! We all need a friend like Louis. 💕

        Don’t worry bro, same, life gets busy sometimes. Hope you’re doing great too ☺️🧡


  9. “Attendance in college”- holy heck!! Now I understand why did the girls of my college have such high attendance 😛 Girls are enigmatic beings, I can’t argue on that.

    Congratulations on the award! Really liked your answers (although you were a bit discreet in some of them) 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! I’m not that girl you’re referring to. I wish I was though. Then I wouldn’t have had to worry about managing 75% in all my classes. But thanks though. 😛

      Thank you so much! Was I? Maybe. 😁

      Liked by 1 person

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