Midnight Ride

Hey! I’m picking you up from your home tonight. Remember, you lost a bet in the game of poker we played the day before yesterday. That’s how you owe me a date. You always keep losing bets and never seem to learn. Alright. Alright. Quit whining, hurry up and get ready. It’s going to be a super long night, so don’t you dare make me wait. Stand by the lamp post which won’t ever stop flickering. I’ll be there in few minutes. Promise. Don’t you go anywhere. We are going to explore city lights at this late hour. It’s a good thing to not live in a big city. Because big cities don’t sleep and there’s always rush. But ours’ isn’t a big city. It’s tiny. Roads are too small, but at least they’re empty. I can’t wait to race against eastern winds in this drizzling rain. Wait, did you pack something to eat? Go right now and get something, anything to eat. I’m hungry and all the shops here are already shut. Today, a friend in college mentioned there being a wishing tree on a hill just in the outskirts of our city. You’re supposed to tie a thread around the tree while you focus entirely on your wish. I’ll take you there. You can wish for anything you want, and maybe I’ll pray for something too. Can you see the stars above? Thank God, we don’t live in some big city. Or else we wouldn’t have known these starlights and the moonshine as we know them now. I’m almost there, I’ll be right there. You can hop onto my bike and then we’ll go live the most amazing night of our lives, together.

Image credit: Canva

58 thoughts on “Midnight Ride

  1. Being in the moment and enjoying little things.. very well written 👍.. And sorry for the unfollow. It was a mistake! I was going to check the content and by mistake I just placed my finger over that 🙈🙈..

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      1. 😁hey can just remove that I before over in my comment?!! I haven’t checked that before posting it🙄.


      1. Maybe someday you get the chance.. last time when I was at my native.. me and my friend walked.. through the roads..to the school we studied.. and there was rain too.. it is perfectly stored in memories.

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      2. And yes, you are right. Maybe someday we all do get our chance to live our dreams. Wow! that sounds beyond perfect Josh! ‘A walk to remember’ indeed. Those kind of memories are to be cherished forever. Thank you for sharing this beautiful memory with me Josh. I feel honored 🙂

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    1. Thank youu Parikhit! 🙂
      It’s really sad to admit that I used to be a small-towner. I remember falling asleep under the sky while trying to count the stars, but now it’s all hazy.
      I’ve had only two encounters with those skies where I was too mesmerized to care about the numbers. 💫

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      1. Well once a small-towner always a small-towner 😊 I can relate, the sky is alive with the sparkle of stars 🙂 Now I’m a city dweller as well and yes it’s quite hazy!

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  2. Tanishq again. I’ve been trying to follow you for the past 15 minutes but ig there’s something wrong with my account. So I’ve followed you from my grandma’s account for now cause I dont want to miss your next post..

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    1. Oohh. Hey again! That’s so sweet of you. *_* Like I’m always into doubts about my writing, so. Thank you so much Tanishq for the encouragement. It means a lot, really. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for kind words Neha!

      I actually found one of your post somehow. I’m proud of you to embrace your insecurities that way. At my part, I guess I’m still learning to accept them wholly.


  3. I would have been a very nice experience. I and friends have also strolled through streets midnight but it was quite busy. Must try once in a small city. Your experience was really pleasant to read.

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