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You’ll never see an adult telling a little kid to stop dreaming, be realistic. Maybe that’s why children are able to dream so freely. You don’t need to do much to make them believe in something, just put that something in a bedtime story and they’ll simply believe it. And if you happen to be by any chance, good at storytelling, they might also start loving it.

P.S. This poem is something I wrote way back while I was still preparing for my medical entrance. It’ll always remain close to my heart in ways that can’t be put into words.

For the child that shall live on . . .

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      1. I wanted to say ki, It’s more appropriate to say “JazakAllah khair “, firstly because it is sunnah secondly jazah means either punishment or reward. 👍👍👍.

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      2. No, it’s completely fine. I just wanted to convey this information, your intentions were pure and these all Prophetic (saw) tradition so it has got lot of hidden advantages, Barakallahu feekum (May Allah bless you).
        Nevermind, it’s cool, 😁.

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  1. Amazing post very inspirational. Nobody has the right to stop people from dreaming it’s their right and I love how your comparing this to a child’s dream because when children dream they have no limits and no-one can tell them that certain things can’t be done which is amazing.

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    1. That’s exactly why children are my favorite beings. I truly believe we should never let our inner child grow up. Thank you so much for taking out time and reading. It means a lot to me.


  2. This poem reminds me of my childhood memories of playing hide and seek until the sun sets. 🙂 Didn’t realize you were going to medical school! I guess that’s one reason why you remind me so much of some of my friends.

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    1. Don’t we all miss being kids all the time? 🎈
      Yes, I’m in my second year ☺️. Really? I didn’t know that. It is so heart warming to know that I remind you of your friends. Thank you 💕
      And what do you do?

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      1. I think I’m still in touch with my inner child as I pursue various creative activities. 🙂 hm. interesting… that is a question someone asked me, was I happier as a kid than I am as an adult? I guess I’ll explore that in a blog post sometime!

        I think the topic of medicine is fascinating.I actually once considered medical school (hence explains my friends in medicine), but decided that technology was my main passion and focus. I’m currently working on a masters program in information technology and I’m exploring various topics in cyber security

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      2. I’ll wait for that blog post. Even though I don’t know myself which age do I prefer better. Both have their own peaks and lows. I’d still say I prefer being a kid lol.

        Yes, it is so fascinating. I was interested in human body since third grade. Ooh that must be so cool! Even though I must admit tech and I don’t really go hand in hand. 🙈 If a gadget has too many buttons, I’m keen to avoid it at all costs.

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      3. There’s certain perks as a kid! Carefree….I think I will share a picture of a page from my diary when I was 12.

        What an interesting childhood passion! Did you open an anatomy book or something?

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      4. You maintained a diary at 12? Woah! Now I’m too curious. 😁

        Kinda, my Science teacher brought a human body encyclopedia to class. I was interested both by the subject and books. 🙂

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      5. 🙂 lol, I’ll just say that it’s nothing like the Diary of Anne Frank. Looking in hindsight, it’s easy for me to say that life was more carefree as a child or preteen, but looking through my diaries, I had worries (though I’d laugh about it now)

        It’s amazing that this interest stuck with you this long. I guess when I think about the mysteries of the brain, its ability to recover, interconnections with other functions…it is all pretty fascinating! 😀

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