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All it takes is A stroke of air, long Forgotten thought To make an appearance, Out of nowhere. Hazy memories Of wintery dreams, Begin to fall, One after another, Like a game of chips. Happy home and A healthy life of Free will a second ago they were standing, Now which are lying dead.

My best friend happened to ask me one day, what my favourite saying was. I couldn’t really think of any at that particular time so instead of answering I enquired what hers was. This too shall pass, was her reply. Then she also explained me why she liked it so much..

It reminds me of the absolute truth that everything in here is temporary. Sadness follows happiness just like the night follows the day.

Thanks to her, I started loving the saying too. These days I don’t mind to be upfront about my feelings. I don’t mind to admit that I’ve been feeling hopeless, helpless and powerless for quite a while now. I realise now, it’s all part of Being Alive. And I’m glad for being able to feel, for being able to say how I feel.

All human emotions are beautiful, be it any side of the curve.

24 thoughts on “. . .

    1. This seems so long ago. Thank you so much Subhashini!
      Even if not every feeling feels beautiful, I think we should learn to accept every feeling in some way.

      Thank you again.


      1. I’m happy to meet you too! They say, you see those things which you already have within. You mean the world using few words. Looking forward to read more of your posts. *_*


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