Je vous remercie

Hey You!
My faceless, nameless companion who pops up whenever wherever the need arises. I honestly don’t remember the time when I hadn’t yet started talking to you. It’s weird really. Because in a way you’re just a part of my being. A mere figment of my imagination. But then again you’re also literally the definition of somebody who listens to me. Someone who probably knows what I’m going to say, yet never interrupts my speech. Someone who knows when and what to say and when to just stop, and listen.
And I’m sorry that you only exist in my head and not in my life. I’m not even half as much sorry for that as I feel sad for myself. Because I’m not exactly much of a talker, truth be told. So most of the real conversations I participate in are those where I’m mostly just listening. I could blame myself, but don’t want to. I just suck at communicating. Big deal. But that’s what you’re here for right? You make conversing as easy as Dean’s pie. I could be talking about my worst fears or cracking the worst possible joke and you’d still be right beside me paying attention to every word that comes out of my mouth. Not just that, you also give the most amazing advice which I should’ve really taken sooner. So thank you. If writing about you brings a part you or even essence of you into this boring, tedious actual reality. Then, by all means welcome to this world of crappy existence.
And by the way, thanks again. For everything.

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