Underrated Lies

Speaking out the truth is highly overrated unnecessarily. I read quotes everywhere about how almost impossible and time consuming can making a plain confession be. What I’m saying is, shouldn’t it have been the other way around? Rather than truth being so hard to tell, isn’t lying actually something that seeks our effort? Because we put so much thought into the big list of excuses we always end up coming with to avoid a certain situation or an awkward conversation and then take out some more of our precious time to choose which one among those fabricated words suit us best this time. Truth is undoubtedly overrated. So, while we continue to preach the honest speakers, let’s not forget to appreciate the hardwork people put into knitting out a perfect ‘little white lie’ too!

3 thoughts on “Underrated Lies

  1. Reality is often hidden and people do lie and show case themselves to be true and trustworthy. Pretending themselves to be true even they’re not is the biggest drawback these days. You will encounter such situations everywhere, be it study or job. Fake smile, fake friendship and fake concerns can be found everywhere and if one can find the real and true one whom he can trust then he/she is lucky.
    Just wrote what came in my mind after reading your post which is very nice indeed. 👍👍

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    1. You’re right Ashish. I don’t exactly remember why I wrote this, but then it doesn’t really matter. It applies everywhere. All we can do is try to be honest ourselves. That’s all we can do. Thank you so much! 🍁

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