We’re Competitive. As Always.

We are living in a world where smart phones have become more helpful than humans. Here, we ignore our issues because we haven’t got enough guts to stand up and speak. We go around the world questing for things we forget we already have in our Homes. We call ourselves the advanced era for having answers to questions we know nothing about. These days, one hears other’s problem if the other sympathises with their worries first. After comparing our talents and abilities, now, our worries compete. So the most worried human gets the crown. In this world, we stopped sharing our troubles long ago, we all do speak but we forgot how to stop in a while and Listen. .

5 thoughts on “We’re Competitive. As Always.

  1. True that !

    I’m glad to come across your blog. I think it’s really great & I am looking forward to read more from you 😊🙌


  2. The starting sentence is awesome, “smartphones have become more important than humans”. And there is a big communication gap between people as they don’t interact much now a days. Nice post indeed. 👏👏👍

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